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Thread: wii version 3.1 fireware and not booting

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    wii version 3.1 fireware and not booting

    I have a 3.1 fireware wii and when i go to sd card in the wii it won't boot boot.elf? Any ideas?

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    Because your firmware is so old, I would suggest updating to 4.1.
    It depends what you want to do.

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    What type of sd card are you using?

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    I use this no name card and it didnt work same problem then i got a kingston and it still the same problem gets the menu and didn't load the damm elf. I don't want to update to 4.1 cause it alot more difficult to do the mod as 4.1 imo. Is there anyway I can update to 4.0 then mod or load it in 3.1?

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    All you can do, is reformat your card to FAT32 again , recopy the files back on to the card
    which can be downloaded here Wii Softmod 111009.rar

    ...and try again, your Wii should load boot.elf if its on System Menu 3.1.
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    If you haven't modded yet you could update via a game disc with a newer system menu and then mod. Not a big deal.


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