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Thread: Drivekey official site / updates?

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    Drivekey official site / updates?

    Is the official website? They really don't have much up there besides install instructions. I've never seen anything about updated firmware, or where to buy a JTag encoder if you want one, etc.

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    Yeah, there's a lot of conversations on when or if they'll come up with an update. Most people that have contacted them (from what I've heard) haven't heard anything back.

    When I bought my chip about a year ago, it was said you could update with the JTag, BUT you could also update from disk. Ya just burn update to disk, put in drive, and your done.That's really the only reason I bought the chip to being with.

    Make sure you cross ur fingers like the rest of us in regards to an update sooner than later!

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    New protection used for NSMB makes the Drivekey useless.

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    I just received this reply from Drivekey - I asked about NSMB:

    There is currently a problem with playing NSMB on all Wii consoles with modchips, it is safe to install the update but the game will stop playing after a certain amount of time. There is an update coming soon to solve this problem, it will require the Drive Key being updated via JTAG/programmer. We will release details on the programmer and any other information when more details are available.

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    I was just told from a staff member at that quote

    "We have also been told by Drivekey that they will be releasing a downloadable .iso update as well as releasing the JTAG programmer within the next few weeks. Please be patient."

    Now i don't know if they are just blowing smoke or its true. I guess we shall see in a few weeks.


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    There should be an .iso download to burn to update i imagine as that's all other similar modchips (that have JTAG updaters too) have done. I just wish they'd make it available already!!!
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