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Thread: Logitech Mic doesn't work.

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    Logitech Mic doesn't work.

    I can't seem to get my Logitech microphone to work with HSM3, Lego Rock Band, Beatles or any other downloaded game that uses a mic. My computer recognizes the Logitech so I assume it works. I tried SoftChip with HSM 3: Senior Year single DVD-R and off my HD,NG. When it tries to restart game after it loads IOS37 I get error "Exception:IoctI DI_Read ID".
    Does anyone know what this error means and how to correct?

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    Can you run the game upto the point where it says no Logitech mic connected.

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    The games starts than searches for the mic but can't find it. I tried connecting to both rear USB ports but same result.
    Thanks for your fast reply.

    Just another quick question alone this vain.
    Can I connect a multi hub to the Wii. I have a HD with my games and would like to also connect more than 1 mic if I can get it to work?


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