Everything points at a full brick, except that I can still play the games as long as I use the GC controller and boot into the version screen (3.4). Now I've read where if you update via a game disk everything should go back to normal. Not sure how accurate that is, but the headache with that at present is that I've also read the latest update on a disk is 3.4. Thatís where my brick says its at. Iím running a DriveKey at present and only started having problems when I went and did an update from the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games disk. I was getting two different languages showing up on the screen. I had the updates shut off on the Drive Key, so I was trying to figure out how to correct the language issue when I found that I could no longer access my settings screen. This is where the problems grew to where Iím at right now. If I do I straight boot up without the GC controller I go right to the white opera screen.

Any Ideas Folks?

Thanks In Advance.