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Thread: Is Their Any Mod-Chip Installer Services?

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    Unhappy Is Their Any Mod-Chip Installer Services?

    I got my brand new wii yesterday and determined to install my YOWII Mod-Chip and low and behold it went wrong.

    I managed to install 9 of the 10 wires to the board and the YoWii Chip but on the last wire the pad lifted off the wii circuit board.

    So im looking for a professional installer / company to repair the lifted pad and install it for me at a reasonable price. I can provide the YoWii Mod-Chip.

    Any suggestions would help me out


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    Sorry your install went sour....This is exactly why I tell everyone if your are not an EXPERT SOLDERER, do not try to mod your own wii. You will most likely lift a pad just as he did. Good luck in your quest to find a fixer.

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