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Thread: Help loading cios38rev14 installer

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    Help loading cios38rev14 installer

    hi im following your full hacking guide for4.2 systems menus and im at the stage c4 everything else has gone fine until now,
    so when i put the sd card in, select bootmii and the screen just goes black and the blue light round the cd drive starts flashing and it goes no further,
    ive tried downloading both packs but both do the same thing, can anyone help please as im so close to the end of the guide cheers.

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    Verify that you have all the files from step c2.

    If you fail at doing the above, you can replace steps B and C with steps 1 to 3 of this guide!!!!!!!
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    Hi, i just wanted to update you on my problem yesterday, i done what you told me and now everything is up and running fine so thankyou again for your help and your quick response to me yesterday, your a star cheers


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