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    Question Hello

    I'm so glad I have found such a great site! Everyone seems very friendly and helpful. I have a wii v4.1e, and yesterday I installed HBC and BackUploader, now i'm looking arround for a USB loader, must much read about it, I'm a newby in the WII, and maybe my english isn't so good, i am dutch from Deventer, Netherlands, But reading it is good.
    I'll come back later, when i've read much more about it, thanks so far

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    Question Messed Up

    Hello again, i think i messed up all, still got the HBC & backuploader, but i got the HBC from a dutch site, and then the usbloader from a different one,i wanted too fast and hard, now i got evertime when i try "cios rev 10" i get a black screen and then "a error occurde" and a lot of numbers, can i reset my WII by "reset button" and begin al the way as i got it new.
    As a virgin and do it all over the right way, as i see on this site????????
    I'll hope someone will help me with this, i'm desperat.


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