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Thread: Help, i try to install cIos38 rev13 but i get the (ret)-1 error.

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    Exclamation Help, i try to install cIos38 rev13 but i get the (ret)-1 error.

    I tried to install cIos38 rev13 but i get the (ret)-1 error. You will probably tell me to use rev14 but i get a black screen when i try to open it via the homebrew channel. I used to get a ret-(2011) error when trying to install a wad and searched all over the internet and most people said to downgrade or something else, but the i installed ios16 and i can install wads now. So can you please answer my question. Do i need a specific ios to start the installation or am i missing something else? THANKS PLEASE ANSWER.

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    Search for a thread called error code index. It gives you what they mean and solutions. Its very helpful when you're first starting out

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    ret =-1 is the 'not found' error. If it's cIOS installer then you don't have the IOS38xxx.wad at root of your SD. Move the wad or use network install.

    You'll need to run Trucha Bug Restorer if you get -2011 or -1035 when installing cIOS.
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