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Thread: Softmod - Followed the guide - Fell at last hurdle

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    Softmod - Followed the guide - Fell at last hurdle


    Followed the excellent guide 3.2-4.1 on here to softmod wii. Everything seemed to go ok. The homebrew channel went upside down, but after updating this it righted itself. Then i fell on the firmware downloading part and when loading preloader, system hacks v386(none there)and then after rebooting i got the screen saying wii system files corrupted (or something like that).

    Thank god i followed the advice for the bootmii and managed to recover everything.

    Presently i think i'm on 3.4e so i assume i would have to go through this all again, but do i have to update firmware, what are the benefits?

    Seriously thinking whether it would be lot less hassle putting a solderless chip in.

    Try not to flame me too much, just trying to get my head round all this.



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    Preloader doesn't work with 3.4. Did you do the update part of the tutorial to 4.1? Also is preloader still there? Hold reset when you power on your wii to see. If you go at it again and want preloader do the optional update to 4.1 and do the steps in order to avoid fail.
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    Thanks again

    What i didn't do was load iso60 patched before firmware 4.1 upgrade, this time worked a treat and playing first backup game. I presume the settings in preloader run in the background, all i do is turned the wii on select neogammer and launch dvd and not touch preloader any more?




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