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Thread: A Few Questions For The Experts

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    A Few Questions For The Experts


    I have been out of the scene for awhile and hope you experts can answer my questions. My Wii is chipped with the d2sun version 3. My firmware is on 3.2U with Starfall. The last games I have played was Ghostbusters and Punch Out. I have NEVER had any troubles playing any games on DVD with this set up yet. The latest Ios that I loaded were 38, 53 and 55.

    My question is, are there any new Ios wads I need for the newer games with my chipped Wii? Should I upgrade my firmware, although I love the starfall features or should I only upgrade if I want to play the Isos off an external hard drive? Do I need anything for the new motion sensor games? Thanks to all in advance!!!


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    No just make sure you keep your mod chip firmware upto date and scrub the update data out of the ISO's you get, Wii scrubber is in my sig.
    NSMB might be a problem but all you do is google nsmb alternative .dol and there will be tut to explain how to replace the main.dol with a patched main.dol or you could download an already patched version of the game.
    I'm now into retro games console hacking and development.
    Currently working on Nintendo 64 if you want to help PM me.


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