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Thread: DOP-IOS v8 Install run HELP

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    DOP-IOS v8 Install run HELP

    There are a number of places to get DOP-IOS v8 which mostly have the folder with the dol xml ect

    Once i got from here also has dop_ios_ v8.elf

    I have IOS53-64-v5149.wad installed

    I load dop through HBC and it says choose which ios so i choose 53

    then it says something about sig an patching so i do it

    Then it tells me it cant find the file it needs on the sd card

    is this the elf file that came with the pack ? were do i put it in the root of the sd card or ?

    I dont have wifi so no internet

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    i have a similar problem with updating ios's without wifi on dop-iosv8. is there a spot you can put the wads manually so you dont need wifi???

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    The wads go on the root directory of the SD card for no wifi updating

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    still nothing...


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