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Thread: New Super Mario Bros with WiiKey

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    Red face New Super Mario Bros with WiiKey

    So I purchased the new super mario game (NTSC) and wanted to back it up but ran into difficulties. First I used the Rawdump 2.1 to dump the image to the HD. From there I burned it to a DVD and ran into the 7 Minute copy protection. I read the guide on the thread [GUIDE] New Super Mario Bros, but it is a bit more difficult to follow since i created my own image. I use a wiikey to play back up copies of games but this one seem difficult to back up. Does any one have suggestions? I have all the programs and files from the [GUIDE] New Super Mario Bros page but the order and how to use them escapes me. Help??
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    I did the same thing. Here's my two guides I made!

    Patch the game to remove the 7 minute protection:

    Run game via Disc Channel (warning: backup your System with BootMii as some people have bricked because they had preloader installed)

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    I've been reading a lot of posts in the last few days, looking for something to help me on my current struggle to make New Super Mario Bros work. I recently got a Wii with wiikey but I have no idea what its firmware version is - it's at least 1.9g, given that Mario Galaxy runs. I suspect it's a clone chip, because I get that "Test Failed Check Connections Try Again" on running both 1.9s and 1.99 update discs

    I already tried the patched and the non patched NSMB discs - the former goes to black screen after some minutes and the latter causes an error as soon as it's inserted in the drive

    After all, is there any way to run NSMB with wiikey in a firmware older that 1.99 ? One more thing: wii system menu version is 4.3



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