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Thread: Is it possible to run USB Loader of DVD (with modchip)?

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    Is it possible to run USB Loader of DVD (with modchip)?

    I have a Wii with a mod chip in it and I was thinking of trying out the whole USB Loading thing to make my life easier (ie: no discs to change). However, I really don't want to mess around with loading stuff onto the Wii, etc (because of warranty, bricking, and probably other unwarranted concerns). I've done a bit of reading and apparently you can run the Homebrew channel off a DVD on a Wii with a modchip. So I was wondering if you could take this one step further and run a USB Loader program of a DVD?

    Basically I'm wondering if I can accomplish the following: attach a USB harddrive to the Wii, prepare a custom/special DVD with Homebrew channel and USB Loader, plus whatever else might be needed, put in the DVD into the Wii, have it boot/load the DVD, load up Games from the USB hard drive.

    I'm primarily wondering if this is currently possible, not so much how to do it. I'm willing to figure out how, but there's not point in doing the research if it's not even possible yet.


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    You may be able to load hbc from dvd, I have read that but it seems possible. However you can not load from usb without a cios. So if you want to load from usb you will need to follow 1 of the two guides listed below. Also I would not worry about your warranty as it expired as soon as the screws were removed from the wii. The guides are excellent and as long as you follow them and don't do anything silly, your wii will be fine.
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