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Thread: Problem with HDD

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    Problem with HDD

    I have learned so much from your forums and I first want to say thanks for the knowledge. I have had issues before with USB loaders and installing wads and what not but I pretty much have everything figured out, except one thing. My external hdd seems to reset after playing a game for less than a half hour(I hear a clicking noise and it resets). It's a simpletech 320gb hdd. I have looked all over the net and found that some hdd's have sleep mode? Is this what is causing it to reset? Some games, depending on where it freezes, can start back up where it stopped, but most games don't because the hdd just hangs there. Sometimes it does it when i transfer some games using WBFS, it starts to transfer them and about half way or three quarters of the way it clicks and starts up again leaving the game not installed. Any suggestions? Any hdd's that don't do this?

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    The hd should only go to sleep when it is not have active read/writes. This is happening while transferring files and does not sound like an issue with sleep mode.
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    I think your drive is approaching imminent failure. That clicking noise is often the reading arm trying to read and swinging all the way across the disc or getting stuck which is generally repeated clicking almost grinding type noises. Anyway, get yourself a new HDD-you might get a a brief reprieve by checking the power and cable connections within the enclosure, but that clicking is the sign to get a new HDD pretty soon.

    Western Digital external USB HDDs generally work very well with the Wii. They have the fewest problems getting setup with the Wii.

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    Agreed, it's always a safe bet to have a backup drive. And hey I don't know if you're in the States or not, but if you are, wait until next friday to pick one up as Black Friday is upon us which means sale time!
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