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Thread: BBC iPlayer Channel without updating

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    Question BBC iPlayer Channel without updating

    Downloading BBC iPlayer from Wii Shop require system update, which I dont want to do as I am using D2SUN v1.22 chip so my question is How do I install BBC iPlayer Channel without updating my Wii?

    Many thanks

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    I'd like to know also how to get iplayer. I have the 4.0U firmware - no intention of messing things up and upgrading.

    Would it be possible for someone to just download as a wad remove from the wii and then for others to use the wad on there older wii's?

    I have the PS3 for iplayer but its crap and small on the screen.


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    here is a link to the wad:


    enjoy, about to try it out for myself
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    Thanks will give it a try tommorrow.


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    Has anyone got this working okay..?

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    I havn't managed to get this working ok yet. When I try to install that wad file above I get error when installing ticket. Error code 2010 when using wad manager.

    Has it been region freed? Is the file broken?


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    I get error 1020, not 2010.
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    i too get that error when installing the wad via wad manager?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEGOscum View Post
    I get error 1020, not 2010.
    same hear done some google seems that error means out of date ios files or bad wad file conciderin ive got the latest ios files iam asumeing this is a bad wad file

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    Same problem here. Shame


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