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Thread: New mario works now, Problems with old games

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    New mario works now, Problems with old games

    OK.. I was up last night trying to get New Super Mario to work on my wii. I use USB Loader GX and a fresh install of super mario using GX. I also have about 40 other games on it. Well I was trying stuff from a few different forums and I finally got Supre Mario to work. Now when try to load other games they have problems like "black Screen".

    I know that I installed these Wads.


    and it didn't work.

    then I found a DOL and put that on my SD card and directed the game to use it. Now it works, but other games have problems. Did one of the wad files screw it up? And if so then what do I do to fix it to where that all work again?

    Thanks for any help.


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    did you install cIOS38 rev15 by any chance?

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    No... Should I?

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    No.. Should I install cIOS38 rev15? I have cIOS38 rev14. All the other games I have worked before I tried to get the New Super Mario working.

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    No, don't update to rev15 stay right where you are.

    Check the 'what IOS needed to run games' list and compare with the games which are giving you trouble. 3 of the IOS' you listed are older revs and, if those were installed after the fact, they might just be causing your problems.
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    maybe you did the alternate dol to work with other and there can be a problem sorry about my english im turkish


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