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Thread: help copying game

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    help copying game

    ok im a noob to 360
    recently got a modded 360, burnt my first game (ninja gaiden2) not on verbatim but on a supposedly good dl+
    all copied ok with imgburn
    put in to 360 comes up play game after 1st inserting iso type disc but no piccy of game and doesnt play
    any ideas to help please

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    if you are using ixtreme 1.6 it should work fine. That is what is on mine and it works. If that is what is on yours I would say its a bad disc. Burn at no more than 2.4x that is what is recommended by everyone.

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    Are you running your downloads through ABGX and also what firmware and drive have you got?

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    Also check you optical drive, remember to set your booktype to dvd-rom.
    what brand are you using, good brands are verbatims, phillips, also some TDK's

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    Get your game

    Download abgx360 and run the .iso file through the program

    when it comes up with no errors(may need to up the autofix level to fix it), double click the .dvd file, and let it burn.

    Xbox 360 games have a specific layerbreak, if you don't split the two layers right there then it wont work.


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