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Thread: NewMario D2Pro - Disc Channel working

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    New mario is working for me through the disc channel.

    My Wii was updated to 4.2U via Nintedy before mario came out.

    These are the steps I used:
    1)Install HBC
    2)Uninstall stub ios249
    3)Install cios38rev14
    4)Use Dop-IOS (not Dop-IOS mod) on ios53 & 70, select yes to apply patch
    5)Run brickblocker on the 'PATCHED' iso (main.dol patch) to remove the update
    6)Burn the 'PATCHED' mario iso with ImgBurn, 1x

    Runs perfectly fine from disc channel. Remember you must brickblock then burn the patched iso and you must use Dop-IOS on ios 53 & 70.

    There are guides on this site for doing steps 1-4. As well how to patch the iso before you burn it.
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    I confirm this works 100%.Top job.


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