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Thread: 4.2 Homebrew USB LOADER

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    4.2 Homebrew USB LOADER

    I finally after days of trying got the homebrew channel to work. I downloaded the thing from the guide for my 4.2u and i put the SD card in and go to homebrew channel and now I have 6 options.
    1) cIOS 222 installer
    2) cIOS38r14 installer
    3) Dop-IOS MOD
    4) NeoGamma
    5) USB Loader GX
    6) WAD Manager

    I go to any of these and after i hit A to continue it does nothing but either freezes or goes Black and i have to RESET.

    I only want to use this to play games off of my portable seagate 320gb usb hdd.

    I tried following guides but they were too difficult and hard to understand. I cant get this stuff to work.

    I am putting in an SD card to try to get the usb loader to work but should i be using my HDD and have all the apps boot.elf/dol and other things in the root of that and then put games in the apps file or should i just need the SD to set up the USB LOADER. I NEED DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO GET THIS WORKING.

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    I don't know how much more straight-foreword you need to get.


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