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Thread: Installed homebrew and cant do anything

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    Installed homebrew and cant do anything

    I finally after days of trying got the homebrew channel to work. I downloaded the thing from the guide for my 4.2u and i put the SD card in and go to homebrew channel and now I have 6 options.
    1) cIOS 222 installer
    2) cIOS38r14 installer
    3) Dop-IOS MOD
    4) NeoGamma
    5) USB Loader GX
    6) WAD Manager

    all i did when i downloaded the files is unzipped them to my usb and put it in my wii and try to run any of these from my homebrew channel. they all freeze and my controller doesnt work when it says press A to continue or to install. All I want to do is play games off of my hard drive using the usb loader.
    Please give me a full detailed intruction on what to do to get the usb loader to work. When i click into it it turns my screen black and i have to hold down power button for 7 seconds to restart wii. PLEASE HELP

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    Did you follow the guide for hacking the system menu 4.2u? I just hacked mine yesterday and it works perfect. Use the link below.

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    Go back to the guide, follow it step by step. 4.2 guide below.
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