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Thread: Need recommendation on which burning discs to choose

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    Need recommendation on which burning discs to choose

    new to wii and this forum, I'm going to hack my wii in a few days
    just wondering which DVD should I go for?
    my burner is a BenQ LS DW1655 (2years old)
    I heard it's terrible with -r discs, while -r discs seem to work better
    grrrrr...can anyone help me please?

    Ps: is wasabi better or a d2pro??? >_<

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    well im new to this and im still waiting for my modchip to come in so i started downloading. i jsut went to start burning and it wont even let me burn to -r. kept giving me errors. poped in a +r and away it went....strange

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    I use a D2C Pro also....I'm using a Benq burner that's as old as yours too so you should be ok. I'm burning games on DVD+R and haven't run into any problems yet. Just make sure you burn at only 2x speed and you should be good to go.


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