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Thread: I am a noob and i have failed, help please

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    I am a noob and i have failed, help please

    Hi folks, first off great forum. However i am a moron and have just failed whilst trying to soft mod my 3.4 wii.

    I got to step 4 (update your system menu version) in Dogeggs guide, and i made a rookie/idiotic mistake, i updated the system menu via the wii settings. menu.

    So i now have system menu 4.2, and can not install the remaining ios's (ios60, IOS38-64-v3610 etc. I still have the hombrew channel and my wii seems to be working fine.

    What is the best way to proceed now to either finish the soft mod, virgin it or should i just leave it?

    Help is appreciated.

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    Start at part B on this guide:

    With the update you got the evil stub IOS249 which cripples installing of our beloved modification. So as said before Start at Part B and you should be fine


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