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    Smile Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Online Tactical Strategy/Advice Forum

    I tried to start this forum for World at War and got very few hits.

    lets try again,

    Anyone who has advice to give or advice to take, stop in here.

    As you all know, this game is incredibly hard online. The learing curve is steep.

    So let me kick of the forum by asking:

    In multiplayer mode, How do I get an extended clip for a certain gun.
    Lets say, the MP5 for instance?

    It is not obvious by the lay of the weapon challenge menu.

    See you online,
    BTW, don't forget to post your friend code in my *Official* thread

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    if your asking what i think your asking then you go to barracks, challenges, (Type of gun), then to unlock something you go on the chanllenge of that gun

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    Well i'm stuck on a certain part, sadly i can't remember what the level is called, but basicly i need to blow up 4 tanks, the first two are easy but i can't get close enough to get the second two locked on.

    Its an SAS mission with Soap and i think its about 6 or 7 missions in. I'll go home and play now and find out
    Looking to sort a Hard Drive out, so any advice would be mint

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    On CoD MWR playing online free for all I SUCK! haha. Usually get between 5-8 kills. Anyone have any tips for me? Whats the best weapons to use?

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    i have the overkill attribute so i can have 2 main weapons instead of a pistol and i normally use the saw with a grip attachment and an m4 with grenade launcher

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