Hi I cant get this game to boot and was wondering if anybody else got this problem and how they got round it.

Im using a hard modded wii (pretty sure it is wiikey). Wii firmware is 4.2, Imgburn says SSBB burned succesfully but when I put it in the wii the screen goes black and I get an error message telling me to eject the disc.

Every DVD-R I burn for wii works perfectly but I think that Im missing something when it comes to wii DL. I pretty much burned the DL the same way I do for 360 (but change the layerbreak to the advised Smash Bros layerbreak). I have also burned without any layerbreak and still get the same error. I have tried different burn speeds no higher than 4x. Tried with booktype and without it. Verb, Sony and Ritek Arita discs all get the same error. PAL iso on a PAL system (from a reliable iso source with user comments thanking the uploader so it must work).

So just asking you guys how do you boot yours? I dont have any other channels on my wii start menu than the ones that were on it from retail. Is there anything out there that can get me past this read error? Because in the past I have discovered that unbootable games were actually perfect burns but my system just didnt want to read them until I updated the firmware etc.

Also out of interest is this the only game on Dual Layer for wii? Because I really hope that the upcoming Marios are DVD-R