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Thread: Help installing Mario Kart Channel

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    Help installing Mario Kart Channel

    I have MKW running from my USB drive and i want to add the Mario Kart Channel (not WADDER, the official one so i can do the monthly challenges) but everytime i click it, it restarts my wii. I've also tried it while having a burned MKW disc in, still didnt work, any ideas? the same thing happens when i try to go into the Nintendo shop

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    I know you said you want to do the install off of the disc, but you will have to find the .wad file somewhere and install it that way if you don't have access to the legal disc. It should still link to your save file (if the .wad is from the same region), and challenges should work out fine.

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    I've installed MKW channel from a burned DVD, but it doesn't work at all.. When I open it, it doesn't restart Wii, but I can't access any options on it.


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