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Thread: Wii Bricked But I have Preloader

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    Exclamation Wii Bricked But I have Preloader

    I Hope someone can help
    I followed the 3.1-4.1 softmod tut. Unfortunately i bricked my wii in the process. i think i installed the ios 60 patched after i installed preloader... I know stupid, when i boot up i get the system files corrupt screen. Bootmii is installed but in the IOS not as boot2. I can boot into preloader but when i try to load homebrew i get an error mising tile

    Preloader v0.29
    System menu v450
    IOS v60

    any help would be much appreciated

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    ok place wadmanager boot.dol in the root of the SD card, then choose in prelaoder menu "run title/install" or sth like that and it will run wadmanager. then install your system menu 4.1 again as a wad

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    Thank you for responding so quickly Messie
    Can you tell me where to get the files from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spudd69 View Post
    Thank you for responding so quickly Messie
    Can you tell me where to get the files from?

    I know Tealc has it in his sig and just make sure you get the correct one from your region.

    *** here you go don't know if wadmanager is in there but I know he has system menu wads in it.

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    sorry i have found the boot.dol on my sd card, but is this the corect system file 4.1E-RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v450.wad

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    ok i have done as messie said and thanks to dr34m3r i found i the files i needed, but i have another problem i for got to mention that i cant sync my remote's so i go a G C controller. The problem is that once i load wad manager 1.4 the controller wont work. i have tried to sync the remote to no avail

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    You can grab a mod of Wad manager that works with the gamecube controller from my mediafire(apps folder) Click my signature.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    ok situation has gone worse
    i loaded wad manager with the GC mod as soon as i sellect the wii sd option i get a dsi exeption error

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    did you also select ios249?

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    ah i didn't know i had to do that.. i take it i can do that in wad manager?

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