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    Hello, i'm new here and i'm thinking of modding my wii (who doesn't want free games?!). Anyways, i heard from some of my friends that it wasn't a good idea to mod my wii since you can't upgrade and some other stuff that i can't remmember. Is there any mod chip that doesn't have any disadvantages? Or which one is the closest? Please help me cause i have no idea which mod chip i should put or even to put one. I also want to play super smash bros brawl on my wii and would like to play online with this game and possibly future games, is this possible? Thanks in advance!
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    First off you need to know what type of chipset is in your wii....If it's a newer wii it's most likely a D2C but you will need to know for sure. Either way I would suggest you just do your own investagating as there are lots of chips out there and new ones keep comming out all the time. They now have solderless D2C keys available that just snap in no soldering involved at all. They also just came out with a new chip called Wasabi that can be put into any type wii but you will need to solder on that one. Just look around there are lots to choose from.
    If you are new to modding and or have never soldered before, and I MEAN REALLY SOLDERED....Then don't try this yourself cause the wii is very hard to mod if your not a really good solderer. If that be the case I would go the solderless route...Anymore questions feel free to ask...Anything can be found on the net....Google is your best friend....

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    It's not hard to Solder the Old Boards but on the Newer boards there around 10 more points to solder currently and some of the soldering is on the legs of one of the chips and thats not recomended if it's not your trade...

    There is a Wiiclip available now, look it up, it clips directly onto the chip on the main board and then you solder the points (Much easier) onto the ModChip,

    for older boards there is the Wlip but that is pretty poinless as soldering a Wasabi is probably easier...

    Unfortunately info/diagrams and videos for Wasabi are non existent at the moment so either way it's best to wait a couple of weeks and see what developments happen, Infectus2/ARGON also have a new chip being released this month that supports all of the Wii Drive Boards and this is suppost to be the ultimate Mod Chip...

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    Hey, thanks for the advice. But since i'm not that great with soldering and too afraid to open up the wii and whatnot, im going to go to this guy who mods wii's for a price. I just want to know which chip would be good for downloading games and playing them on wii and going online (super smash bros brawl xD) and updating. Is there any chip that can do all of that without bricking or a chance that nintendo will screw me over?

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    You still need to find out what board you have, if it's 2 years or older you probably have an old board which means the Wasabi is your best bet, but if you have the newer board go for the Injectus2...

    The Injectus2 is harder to install but only supports the new drive boards...

    Both appear to be great chips though...

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    I can't remmember excactly when i got it, this is because my parents got it for me. I got it as an early birthday gift and my birthday is in November 25 (this was last year). So could u please tell me what type of board it is? Also, with those chips, would i be able to go online and update with games with no worries at all?
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    Below is the link to the site to look up what chipset your wii has in it...Just input the serial Number from off of the bottom of your wii....hope this helps you out....

    Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker

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