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Thread: Wii Remote $15 @ Walmart B&M

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    Wii Remote $15 @ Walmart B&M

    Just went into a Walmart in Austin, TX and was looking at Wii accessories. I saw the typical retail price of $40 for an additional remote. Well I've been needing an extra remote for awhile, but just not gonna bite the bullet on one at that price.

    Then I walked around on another aisle and saw a POP display in the middle-of-the-aisle, a row over by film processing. I walked around all sides of the display, and on one side saw about 40 boxes that had an official Wii remote with a "deluxe game wallet" (whatever that is) in it. Now I don't care about the "game wallet", I wanted another remote, but the wallet will hold a remote, nunchuck, and a couple of game discs, and this bundle does come with a Wii remote in it.

    It said $39, on one of the boxes, but another box next to it said $19. So with the discrepancy, I walked to a scanner, scanned it, and it came up $15. Bought several of them, may go back and buy more and eBay them for X-mas cash, jk. Anyway, hurry if you need an extra Wii remote, bet they won't be around long for $15!

    Description on the box it came in says "Wii Remote with Deluxe Game Wallet", btw, you can get this silly "game wallet" in pink or blue, and I ain't takin pink home. Again, this is official Nintendo stuff, Nintendo seal on the box, and not some 3rd party junk. UPC on my box is: 6-17885-95212-8, dashes are for spaces in the numbering.

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    i actually work at the dreaded place. im definitely looking

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    That is a killer deal, I went to mine today to see if I could find those... No dice.
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    a couple of hours ago i was bestbuy and they had two huge buckets of controllers so i assumed they were at a discount. of course not

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    Where at in Austin ?

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    dealextreme got the no name brand wii remote and nunchuck for about $22 i might order a set

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    WAL-Mart Supercenter - Store #1185
    (512) 339-6060
    1030 Norwood Park Blvd
    Austin, TX 78753

    This is roughly at 183 & 35 on a backstreet called Norwood. Mapquest it by address or phone number and I'm sure you can find it.

    Yesterday at around 12pm there were about 10 of them left. When I first posted the deal there were about 40 of them there. I'd suggest you hurry.

    They are in front of the film processing counter in the very back center part of the store, which is next to the electronics dept, in the middle of the aisle on a 4 sided POP display stand.

    FYI - I've looked in a couple of other Walmarts since posting this and this seems to be a YMMV deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VashTS View Post
    dealextreme got the no name brand wii remote and nunchuck for about $22 i might order a set
    ive done some headphones and psp complete cases. lasted hours

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    Wow that is a good deal. I am going to have to check this out. I am in ohio,, I will post back if I am able to find them

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