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Thread: Semi Bricked and Trying to Recover

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    Semi Bricked and Trying to Recover

    Hi Guys,

    Firstly I stupidly done a system update on my Pal Wii with NSMB NTSC and im now semi bricked as my games work but I cant access the wii settings page...i just get the white screen to contact opera!!

    I have tried to do Indiana Prwn but when I try copy over the save file from Indiana Prawn to my Wii System Memory it keeps saying I need to play the game first before copying data. I already had a save game and the guide to told me to delete this! Any ideas what i can do here? I tried all procedures and even went to the art room in Indy Jones but the Homebew Install didnt kick in.

    I am going to try Zelda Twilight to get this working......I basically want to use hackmii Installer 0.6 and Auto Region Changer 1.1 to change my wii back to SM3.2e and change the region to PAL to this correct?

    Any help would be great cos im at my wits end now!

    My WII is Hardmodded with not Softmod or Channels installed.

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    First you should be able to fix your wii. I would be very cautious about any attempts to downgrade you wii. You should not downgrade to 3.2 unless your wii has been on 3.2 before, also if you do downgrade you need to be very careful when upgrading as you may have a stub system ios installed which could potentially brick your wii.

    You should be able to re-softmod your wii by following one of the two guides below, then you should have the tool required to reinstall your system menu for your region. Do you have any idea what system menu you are on?
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