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Thread: shaun white snowboarding world stage

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    shaun white snowboarding world stage

    i burnt this to disc and cannot get it to run has the game got a problem


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    i have this game also, and it seems to work fine from a hard drive. i have not tried to put it on dvd. you might want to try a usb loader?

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    when you say a usb loader do you mean a memory stick?

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    when i used iospatcher i got the message for this game current ios ver 57 ios57

    input an ios version 3 or higher

    any help

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    you probaly wanna install iso38 rev14. i think thats the newest one? thats what i installed when i hacked my wii a few weeks back, and so far after downloading about 25 games they have all worked, new and old. and they all work from the dvd except new mario bros. and yes a usb loader is used with a flash drive, or a usb external hard drive.


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