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Thread: How do I rip original discs?

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    How do I rip original discs?

    Hi I have just recently softmodded my Wii and I would like to backup my entire game collection onto one usb HDD so I can launch any game I want without having to change the disc. Is there a way to do this or do I have to download the Iso's from somewhere then stick them onto the HDD?

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    I rip all of my games with wanikoko's usbloader v1.5. I've used it on over 100 games no problem.

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    I think I have that on my Wii, followed the guide off of here to softmod it and put a load of stuff on it. Is it just a case of putting the disc in and loading up the program to rip it?

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    Yes. After you've formatted your usb device plug it into your wii, load the program, and choose the install game option

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    Great thanks for the help I'll give that a try right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkmailturds View Post
    I rip all of my games with wanikoko's usbloader v1.5. I've used it on over 100 games no problem.
    Ok turns out I don't have that. I found 1.5 on here is that the latest version or is there a newer one or should I just stick with 1.5. Also I just tried 1.5 I downloaded it and dropped it on the SD card but when I put it in the Wii its not picking it up in the HBC.

    I dropped a file called "SDUSB-Loader_v1.5.dol" into a folder new folder in the apps section of the SD card along with all the others. Is this not right still new to all this so unsure of what to do.
    When I unzipped the download for 1.5 off of here it had that "SDUSB-Loader_v1.5.dol" and 3 txt files in I put them in the folder as well was I not suposed to do that.

    All of the other apps on the SD card work fine just Wanikoko's isn't

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    Wow. Its been a little while since I've done that but if I remember right change the name of the dol to boot.dol. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's what you need to do.
    There are some things going around about usb loader gx which is newer, but I always load from discs. Give that a shot. Worse case is it won't work.


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