Hi there, I'm in a bit of trouble and need help ASAP. I would like to get the RB2 DLC for free using the method mentioned in another thread. I'm in Australia and I apparently need to change my region to US. I haven't updated my Wii Homebrew in a long time and I'm still on 3.2E. Does somebody think they could give me an idiot proof quick guide to Changing my Wii region to be able to use the Wii Shop Channel/Downloading songs from RB2. As far as I know I don't have any of the fancy programs such as BootMii or whatever they're called (or if I need them) and my Homebrew channel says I've got IoS36. I do have RawkSD but haven't used it yet, and I've got the wads and wad installer for RB2.

I'd like to say a major thanks in advance to anyone that could help me. I really need to try get this done by tomorrow or the day after. Thanks