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Thread: What firmware upgrade?

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    What firmware upgrade?

    My Wii is firmware version 3.1 u, with a Wasabi V3 chip. Recently i've found that new relase games wont load (like Guitar Hero 5), they display on the disc channel, but then when you launch a black screen appears. I've concluded that it must be because my firmware is outdated.

    But what firmware version should i upgrade to? What are the consequences of upgrading the firmware? Will it affect me being able to play backup versions of my games? Will i lose my save files?

    Appreciate any advice.

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    Usually a black screen means that an ios needed for a game is not installed. Search the forum for the GH5 guide and read up on it. No real reason to update your firmware. Lots of senior members are on older firmware.

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    well when i did it. i had to do ios223 and i had to merge 36 and 37 just look up for that

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    i might be asking to be set on fire here? lol

    But, can you recommend a firmware version to go with over any others? Is there one that has less problems when playing backups? And do i really have to install hbc etc?

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    Many people usually end up softmodding their wiis even if they have a chip. The HBC is very usefull. I usually recomend using the guide in my signature to go to 4.1 so preloader can be used. Also in softmodding you have the option to install bootmii. If you're lucky you can install this as boot2 which can recover your wii from 99.9 percent of bricks. Look over the guide. Its really up to you. Boot2 is great. If you kill it it will come back from the dead with this installed.


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