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Thread: Weird thing with USB Loader GX

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    Weird thing with USB Loader GX

    I have backed up all of my games onto a WBFS formatted hard drive and i have some serious and weird issues. All of my original games do load just fine but when I try to load a game which I have downloaded, it comes up with a black screen. To fix this, I need to turn off the Wii, put the copied disk in for the specific game and I try to load the game from USB Loader and it works.

    Is there any way for it to stop doing so? I want to be able to play without the disk in. Do i need to update my cIOS (i do not know which one i am using)? I have updated my USB Loader GX.

    The games which do not work are: Ashes Cricket 2009 (PAL), Super Paper Mario (NTSC-U), Harry Potter HBP (PAL) and Carnival Games (PAL).

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    You can check your cIOS version in GX by looking at the Settings>Credits pane in the top right corner.

    Some things to check. Are you turning your Error002 fix on? Patching video modes for out of region games? IOS249 set to boot standard?
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