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Thread: dl and burn help please

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    dl and burn help please

    sorry guys im still grasping the basic's here... ok i dl fifa 10 came in 50 parts used wirar,extract here and it came with 1 stack that cant be touched says maybe damaged.. so i dl luxor3 done extract,put on imgburn,put in wii and its in black and white? can you help please?

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    OK ....i'm going to assume you used neogamma to run the backup disk you made , correct ???...if so you need to goto the options in neogamma and play with the region settings and try to "force ntsc" the reason the game is in black and white is because of the region coding ...aka running a PAL game on an NTSC (usa ) system ...hope this helps if it does not try downloading a ntsc(usa) copy of your game


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