Hey guys this is my first post here and as this is more a general problem them a wiikey 2 problem i'll post here.
Hope I didn't started wrong

I got my new wii!! from the store already mod-chipped.
It comes with wiikey 2 and 3.2U.

Them I was happy to play snes games on it trought homebrew channel and installed it.

Them I tryed to play super mario galaxy and the opening cut-scene has some lag on it.

So I readed a lot! and the reason seems to be the 3x speed of the drive, so I download the wiikey 2 config disc but it gave me black screen.

Them I've readed a lot! and founded that was the problem of starfall that seems to be installed with homebrew channel (maybe not ??).
So I tryed to run the starfall from homebrew channell so that the config disc could work so that super mario galaxy could work.

But nothing ://

Starfall does not start. Exiting failed.
I'm doing too much stuff wrong ?

Super mario galaxy -> wiikey 2 disc config -> homebrew channel -> starfall

it seems a very long path but that was all the info i've found.

Please help me!