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Thread: Need Help Please :(

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    Need Help Please :(

    Hi all. I am new to this forum, so I'm not too sure how to say this but...I need help playing a PAL game I have, on my NTSC Wii. And please before anyone says "Read before posting noob" or anything like that, I DID search and search. I've been looking all over the place for the last 2 hours trying to figure it out.

    I found a couple topics, but as I am new to the Wii scene, I have noooo idea what half the topics are talking about at all.
    After searching everywhere, I think that to solve my problem I can do two things?

    1. Use Freeloader. (But I also found a site that said Nintendo in the 3.3 patch rendered Freeloader useless? Since I couldn't find any new information about this, I have no idea whether it works or not. Hopefully someone can help me maybe?)
    2. Erm...use something called a backup loader gamma??? Then use a Force NTSC??? I have no idea what those mean at all. I read the "super easy tutorial on getting backup loader gamma" but all these words, I have no idea about. What is a homebrew? Softmod?

    I realize that there are many of these guides and such in the guide section, but I tried reading most of the stickies and I have no clue.
    If anyone can just help me with how to solve my problem, it'd be much appreciated

    And yes I know that I can just go get a NTSC version of the game, but this is probably going to happen to me often, so I'd like to know if there's a real solution to this, for the future.

    So sorry for my ignorance but everyone has to start somewhere right? Please help me

    Thanks in advanced ^^

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    First, take a step back and breathe! lol

    It's cool, there's a lot of info to process when you're first starting out. When you see the term, "Force NTSC" all this implies is that while using a backup loader (the program that lets you access your games) this "option" needs to be checked off before the game will run.

    Softmodded Wii's are able to run the Homebrew Channel, which allows you to run 3rd party applications, without the assistance of a physical chip (called a "modchip") installed inside the Wii.

    Do you have Homebrew Channel installed on your Wii?

    Are you trying to load your games by disc, SD card, or USB hard drive? Don't worry if you don't know what all those mean.
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    Hi homebrew is a software modification which changes some of the internel data and allows you to use programs such as backup loader gamma for playing bacup copys of your games but i would recommend doing a lot of reading before attempting anything like that as you can damage your wii. If you are using a modchip of some sort to play backup copies then try using a region changer program such as region frii (google search maybe) to change the region before burning the .ISO sometimes that works. If you dont have softmod or hardmod (modchip) then i dont think you can play out of region games. Hope this helped

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    Hi, thanks for such a quick reply guys

    Um..Ithian, "without the assistance of a physical chip (called a "modchip") installed inside the Wii." I think I have a "modchip" installed. I'm not which it is (I've read about all these erm, cyclowiz,wiikey,etc.) but I've updated before for games like Twilight Princess and SSBB. Not sure if that would help figure out which it is.

    As such...I don't think I have this uh "Homebrew Channel" installed xD

    And I don't know how to load games from usb and SD card, so I just burn the iso's onto a dvd+R and put them into my Wii. And well yea, I just got a PAL version of a game, and it took me a LONG time to dl, so if possible I'd like to figure out this. Also, I hear some games only come out in PAL so, it'd be great if I figure this out.

    @ Destructor, yea I at first googled playing PAL on NTSC Wii, and there was some stuff about regionfrii, brick blocker, and so much stuff I didn't understand. But from the gist of it there seemed to be a lot of problems with regionfrii and stuff, so I thought I'd get a legit answer from the professionals

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    Ok i would say you have a modchip of some sort if you are playing backup copies of games without chip you can only play originals. I also rocommend using a program called Imgburn and using good quality media discs (Verbatim) and burn at slow speed 4x be sure to use DVD-R not +R as the wii has problems reading +R discs that may fix your problem. If that doesnt fix then try the region changer program i use region frii on a few games and havnt had any probs. Brickblocker is a program which blocks updates from discs be sure to NEVER update with a out of region disc or you will kill ya wii.

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    You would have a modchip if at any time your Wii has been opened up by someone and a computer chip was physically attached and installed. I don't have much knowledge in that area so I'll defer to someone with more experience.

    As for burning dvd's, the first thing I notice is that you're using dvd+r. This is always a sticking point on these forums, as dvd-r is the generally accepted media for using dvd backups. The chances for dvd read error goes up significantly when using +r media.

    It looks like you need a couple things to get going here, you're pretty close to running that PAL backup. First, you need the Homebrew Channel installed. It'll look something like this: Homebrew Channel

    What version firmware are you running? You can check this my going into your Wii Options (bottom left "Wii" button), clicking on "Wii Settings" and jotting down the number in the top right corner of that screen. It'll look like this: Ver. X.X(U, P, or J), where X is the firmware version, U P or J being the country code.

    So, for instance, my firmware is 4.2U. Find out your firmware and we'll go from there.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    What ever you do, if you decide to softmod your wii, follow one of the two guides below and no other. Everything you need to know is on this site so don't go anywhere else, stick with one guide and always ask questions if you need to.
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    Okay, so I need to get this homebrew channel to play my PAL disc on my NTSC Wii then? And this would require me to softmod my Wii? Well umm considering that I have a modchip ( I guess this would be referred to as hard modding??) do I stil need to softmod it? This sounds kind of silly, but if a softmod can out do a real hardmod, why did I get a modchip?

    Okay I'll get some DVD-R discs, but I've played my other games on backup discs and they work fine, so I'm pretty sure my problem right now is the fact that its a PAL disc.

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    What happens when you try to play the pal game?
    What system menu are you on? 4.2 breaks region free from chips.

    You should be able to play a pal game if you have a chip, as long as your wii is not updated to 4.2. If your game loads to a solid black screen, you are missing an ios that the game requires.

    1- you could softmod and install the ios you need or enable region free games
    2- you could let a game in your region update you as long as it does not have the 4.2 update on it and it has the ios you need.
    3- you could use bannerbomb to run Gecko Os and load your problem game, disable the update block in your chip, and Gecko will prompt you to install the ios needed, but skip any system menu updates
    4- you could use bannerbomb to load wadmanager and attempt to manually install the missing ios.

    Warning- never update your system menu from an out of region disk
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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    Hi, Mauifrog.

    When I try to play it, it doesn't even get past the wii homescreen. It just says "unable to read disk, please refer to the wii instruction manual for help troubleshooting". So no I don't load a black screen.

    What is bannerBomb and Gecko?
    Sorry, but I still don't get it. I have to softmod to get those? What was the point of getting a chip then?
    What is a system menu?

    As for my firmware, I updated just yesterday off the internet because the disc had an update on it, and thankfully I knew enough not to update off the disc but off the internet instead.
    As such...I'm on firmware 4.2U. Does that mean I don't get to play my PAL game?

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