Hi. I am still some what of a newbie here. Up until recently I had version 3.4u, with homebrew, and USB Loader GX. I have a 1 Tb external HD. I had 7 or so games on the HD. I had pre-ordered the new super mario brothers game, which came today. Upon putting the disk in, it automatically updated to 4.1u. Homebrew still works, but I can't get any of my games on the HD to play. What do I need to do, to play the games on my HD with USB Loader GX? Do I need a different loader? Also, I would like to copy Mario Brothers to the HD, what has to be done for that to work? I tried to install it like I did my other games but it came back with some error. Like I said, this is still sorta new to me. The posts ive read talk about cios's and all that, and its confusing to me. I need step by step instructions. Thanks for all your help.