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Thread: ssbb friends needed

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    Ca ssbb codes post here plz!

    hey guys i wanted to start up a thread with everyone who has smash bros and wanted to play. this should hopefully organize things a little more and we can get some games going on. anyways i'll get this rolling. (feel free to use this code in mario strikers)

    Doromo's friend code:
    4854 6230 1594

    well i'm dumb i accidentally posted my wii friend code lol above is my ssbb code now lol

    My code is :0001-2983-9417

    I just added you so please return the favor, thanks!
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    Post ssbb codes post here plz!

    here please post your ssbb codes here add me 5412-9646-3156 you can name me as saket
    if you wish to add me as a friend in your wii pm me plz
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    just added u 3179-5806-0741

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    SSBB code

    Im going to add you too please add me thank you my smash bros code is

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    Exclamation Ssbb Code Add Me

    My SSBB CODE: 3823-8241-7977
    Nickname On SSBB: Flame
    Info: I Main Ice Climbers
    Pretty Good At The Game
    Im Learning To Be A Pro
    I Mean Im Learning The More Advanced Techniques

    Im Also Good With Pit, Lucario, Mario, King Triple D, Ike, And Some Other Ppl

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    BRAWL Code:0001-2983-9417
    name ->DGK!
    ADD ME!!!!
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    I added everyone.

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    I added everyone too!
    Sorry for my poor english

    My Friendcodes:

    Wii: 8052 8197 1934 5619

    SSBB: 1332 9328 0872

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    ill add you hulsmans i hope your a challenge
    Brawl Code:0001-2983-9417

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    Thumbs up ssbb code


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