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Thread: Softmod and modchip?

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    Softmod and modchip?

    I've just (successfully) softmoded my Wii using Messie's guide <3, but prior to that (when I first got my Wii) I also bought and installed a Wasabi DX.

    So basically my question is this;
    Is there any reason why I would want to keep the modchip in there now that my softmod is working?

    'Cause the way I see it, I'd rather play backups from a large USB drive rather than have to be bothered with the slow DVD-ROM from the modchip (Super Mario Galaxy -.-) and the ordeal of having to burn the backups.

    Hope you guys can enlighten me a bit on this matter

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    You could keep the mod chip, just don't use it. In some cases it could get you out of a brick.

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    You should leave the modchip in. If for any reason you lose preloader and wish to savemiifrii to load an autoboot wad manager you will need that chip. You won't use it much, but it is good to have. One thing, be sure to enter the config and enable the autoboot function- otherwise it is useless with savemiifrii. Your setup is perfect.
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    Thanks for the quick and informative replies, guys.

    I don't actually use Preloader, but StartPatch instead (didn't quite see the difference and need to use both of them).

    I'm not familiar with savemiifrii, but it sounds good.


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