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Thread: Wii System Menu Corrupt

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    Wii System Menu Corrupt


    I have a d2ckey installed. I was on 4.1U. I also have bootmii and preloader 0.29. And now when I load the system menu, it comes up as corrupt.

    The last thing I did was trying to load IOS53 and IOS60 as wads. Maybe that wasn't correct. I was trying to get the new super mario bros. working.

    Any ideas to fix the problem?

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    Have you got BootMii as boot 2 installed and a backup of your NAND?

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    boot using prelaoder, then acccess HBC and wadmanager and reinstall ios60 patched. then reinstal system menu v4.1 of your region (not any other)

    before doing that you can try to boot preloader and set autoboot ios to 249 na dit will probably start

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    You need to
    -put madmanagers boot.dol onto sd-card
    -hold reset and power on the wii- boots preloader
    -install ios60 patched
    -install system menu 4.1u.wad
    -reinstall preloader.
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    I have managed to re-install system menu 4.1u.

    But, I wasn't able to re-install preloader .29 for some reason. When I load it up in the homebrew channel. The initial warning message shows up, but It doesn't show what buttons i need to press to continue with the installation.

    Any ideas? Does it work on 4.1?
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    press one, it is a bit stupid but wvwntually it will work

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    i remember when i had a system files error and it was before bootmii came out. I had to pay over 80 bucks to get it fixed -_-

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    I remember when i got semi-bricked.. i didnt een worry lol.. good old boot2.. didnt even need to restore NAND just uninstalled some stuff i had resently installed lol


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