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Thread: wii flow help please

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    wii flow help please

    i have just installed wii flow to my soft modded wii .when i try and start the game from usb hard drive the screen goes black and freezes,it picking up games of hardrive but will not load ,have also noticed that it will not change from main .dolin settings , any ideas any many thanks chaz

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    You could also try using USBLoader GX. But, how many games have you tried? Some games won't work because the IOS file is missing which has to be installed first. I also know that some games don't boot because Error 002 fix isn't on.

    So you could check this list ( ) what IOS's are required for your games to load.

    You could also try using the 002 error fix.

    Out of curiosity, what game is it you're trying to load?

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    tried usb loader gx and when i start it it goes back to preloader screen , i am stuck 3 nights been trying to get this work ,trying to get dj hero ,new mario brothers

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    I have been having the same problems. I cant run any games at all on usb loader gx apart from mario kart which seems to run on practically every loader ive tried which is cool. New super mario wont work on usb loader gx or wiiflow but does work on uloader. My other games (wii sports resort, wii fit plus and new super mario) dont work on anything else. This means it surley cant be an ios issue but more of a loader issue. I cant be bothered with having different loaders for different games, its stupid. Could do with some help as well if possible.

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    Are you using the correct version of Wiiflow for your cIOS installation? It comes in two varieties of 222 and 249.
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