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Thread: USB + Samba share?

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    USB + Samba share?

    Hey fellas

    I've had my wii sitting in the closet for about a year so a few months ago i pulled it out and updated it to 4.1U. The other day I installed the homebrew channel on it and I messed around with trying to install the hermes cios or w/e and a few other things...

    it's been two days so I can't really remember but i know one of the names of the programs was TBR where i had to reverse to ios15 and then back and forth a few times. Anyways, I only have a 1gig usb flashdrive and a 2gig micro-sdcard with the adapter. So I read I can set up samba share so I can load the game isos / roms, etc. straight from my computer instead of dealing with my lack of drive space.

    I can't seem to find many good guides on google though, most are out-of-date as well.

    Any help? :]

    edit: td;dr I want to know if USB Loader GX or configurable usbloader is able to be put on a usb drive or microsd card and then have the games on my computer and be able to use a network share to run them..
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    SMB shares find a use with file transfer from PC to USB/SD using one or two homebrew apps and also one or two media player apps. There is currently no implementation for streaming game isos over wifi, at least for now. Besides I think the wifi speed would be too slow/eratic to transfer the 6MB/s or so we'd need.
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    weird, that helps a bit. but i've read somewhere (can't find it which is why i made this thread) that several people were setting up a samba share on their computer and putting all their roms there so they didn't have to waste space on their usb drive / sd card and i was told by someone to use that method with usbloader gx for loading isos

    i think ill just go ahead and try it myself, set up a usbloader on my sd and then set up the samba share and try and load the isos from it.

    thanks guys
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    They are using the SMB share to access their classic game roms, nes, snes, movies, muisic, homebrew apps, small files.
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