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Thread: quick question on preloader options

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    quick question on preloader options

    i'm at the .30's option menu and i see this

    ret to
    shutdown to
    stop disc
    light slot on error
    nore standby setting
    system menu ios

    do i want YES on stop disc? is that what loads patches on real disks?

    thanks everyone!

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    the 'stop disc' option, simply stops the wii from continuously spinning the disc while its not in use.

    you need the 'Skip disc update check ' Option to block updates.

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    Some standard settings
    ret to System menu
    shutdown to off
    stop disc on stops spinning disc, no it does not load patches
    light slot on error off stops light flashing when connected
    ignore standby setting off
    system menu ios depends on system, could be 249

    There are more under system menu hacks.


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