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Thread: Excitebike World Rally (wad)

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    Excitebike World Rally (wad)

    Hey i have been having problems with newer wads on wadmanager. I get to the start screen, but when i press start, it loads for a while and goes to the wii menu again. I am sure this is just a newb problem, but could someone help me?

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    I have the same issue. I successfully installed the wad via Wad Manager, and Excite Bike World Rally does appear as a channel in my Wii Menu. Clicking it once brings it up with the theme music and title screen, clicking "start" however, takes me to a black screen for a couple of secs and then returns me to the wii menu.

    Softmod 3.2E
    Homebrew Channel says IOS38
    IOS38-64-v3610 (cIOS38_rev14)

    If relevant: My Wii has no problems loading recent games like NSMB and Ghostbusters from my WBFS usb hard drive via Configurable USB Loader (SDUSB-Loader_cfg47)

    I don't suppose there's a way to load .wad games directly, without having to install it as a channel? i.e. from a wbfs drive/sd card

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    Im having the same problem

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    You need IOS55v5149 to run ExciteBike.

    See this thread.


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