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Thread: Wii blackscreened after 001 error :(

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    Unhappy Wii blackscreened after 001 error :(

    yesterday i softmoded my wii using the xzxero simplistic mod..
    i used to use softmii without any problems, but then new mario came out soo..
    i installed the mod without much problems but new mario thosen't work ofcourse.. but that's not the deal..
    now my disc chanel won't recognize some dvds.. just now i tried boy and his blob and it gave me cant read error (used to work on softmii no probs)..
    then i decided to try NeoGamma R8 beta1 a this game me 001 error so i had to hard reset. after the reset there was only black screen, so i reset once more, the same black screen came.. tried again with no luck, then i pulled the plug out and priiloader booted.
    why is it that i get problems?
    i'm having 4.2E on simplistic mod, with priiloader v0.1 with online and disc updates blocked, i also installed cIOS38_rev15 using cIOS38_rev15-Installer, maybe thats the problem..
    would really appreciate your help guys

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    no one has any answer? maybe someone could lead me to an apropriate thread? i also noticed that after the incident my wii would occasionaly go black screen after reset now even while being in the system menu. that never happened to me before.

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