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Thread: wii v 3.4e

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    Angry wii v 3.4e

    hi after i have mob my wii with wassabi dx all went well but went i put the sonic and the black knight in my wii it says update i dont even have the internet so please do i update or not thanks

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    Might as well. If you don't you'll never be able to play the game. The no update rule only really applies to softmods.
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    Samsa, you should run your Wasabi's config disc and make sure the update blocker is on. If you don't have one, get it here, it will either be called config/update disc or simply update disc. You can burn it and do it. This usually stops you from being bugged by updates.

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    Smile wassabi

    hi yhanks i wiil try it

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    Smile wii

    hi than you guys i have done it the conf/now its working fine / on my wii i have a password connet to the int/ but i have forgot the password ,is there any chance to retrieve my password to get the net thanks again.

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    Samsa, I'm glad to hear it's working well now usually games don't need the updates they say they need. Only once in a while will you need to install it, and if you look on the forums (not just the wasabi one but the other ones too) usually someone has found a way to install the updates without forcing you to install the one Nintendo wants to install.

    Once the password is gone it's gone, sorry. The Wii tries to make everything simple and sometimes that makes things hard. If you have access to the router you might want to hold down its reset button and reset it and then you can reconfigure it. Don't do that unless you've got an idea of what you're doing - 99% of the time it doesn't do anything bad and actually fixes things but if you have a complicated internet setup, it might be hard to set back up. Ask a friend or family member who knows computers better if you don't, or look up information about your router on google (usually the model number and brand are on it.) And if you're "borrowing" internet, well, that's kind of a complicated thing to explain how to do.
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