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Thread: Confused Need Desperate Help

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    Confused Need Desperate Help

    Heres what I'm currently running backup launcher .3y

    cios 36
    cminos rev 3

    Trying to Play Rock Band Beatles whic requires IOS56-64-v5146 according to the list on this site. The site also says system menu 3.4. I think mine is 3.4 u or something before softmod. What do I need to do to install this files without bricking my wii, step by step if you could, THANK YOU!!!

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    Bumping doesn't get you attention.

    google is your best anwser
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    sorry ive looked at google but my concern is im not sure how to install the needed cios, or if i need neogamma and how to install that. Really appreciate any help, just a little in over my head, trying to learn. Sorry again

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    First of all your backup kauncher is WAYYYYYY out of date. Get NeoGamma r7/8. Also some information about your system would be of help. System Menu version? Soft or hard modded?

    Also bumping every 20 minutes is NOT the way to get an answer to your question. Remember everyone that helps on this site is a normal person. Normal jobs some even still go to school. Patience is key, someone will get to your question at some point in time. We do this of our own free will and DO NOT get paid for this. You want quick service, then don't modify your Wii and call nintendo about your problems.

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    softmod ver 3.4u i believe, how to i go about installing neogamma and cios updates. Thank you for your help, I understand this is a great service you provide for free, thank you again.

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    If you have Homebrew Channel and a Wad manager then the installation of these objects are easy, just throw the .wad files in the...wait for it....wad folder on your SD card. Then go into the Homebrew channel and....wait for it....use Wad manager to install the wad into the system.

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    Ok sounds good on the cios updates, on the neogamma files i have there is no .wad file just boot.dol where on sd should i place this? You have been an unbelievable help, if you would tell me which updated files i need to be current which ones which you reccomend? Thank you I owe you big time

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    I know this has already been mentioned but I thought I'd bring Moderator's thoughts here too. Bumping is not encouraged on this forum, you are just one user out of thousands who has a slight problem. We don't mind the occasional 1/2 day bump but really 20 minutes?

    If the guys hadn't already stepped in and helped I would have sent you to the Reading Room or if I was in a bad mood worse.

    If you are referring to my IOS thread then no game 'requires' 3.4, that's just there to notify people which update the disc carries for brick protection/fixing.
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    thanks so much just need to know now how to install neogamma and which files i should update to get up to date with my mod thanks!!!


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