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Thread: Help a newbie please??

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    Help a newbie please??

    Hi guys i am realitively new to this sort of stuff and need a hand.

    My wii is hard modded and soft modded i have a dpro9 it is 3.4e.

    Now what i am trying to achieve is to get a usb loader to work i just can t do it i have tryed the tutorials but they have not worked for me??

    Also can i upgrade my wii as i have a hard mod. Alot of tutorials say upgade your wii first

    Thanks alot for taking the time to read my wows hopefully somone can help me out


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    Have you tried neogamma7? Its a great loader. The link is in my signature. I'll let some one else take on the update question since I don't mess with chips. Hope this helps!

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    Don't use the official update. 4.2 is fail and will stop your chip from working properly.

    You can bring your Wii up to 4.1 safely using this tutorial.

    Or if you want to get a full softmod, from start to finish including everything you need to run USB loaders and other goodies then look to this one
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    I have a Wiikey fitted to my D2c chip (Hard wired as it was before Push fits came on the market.) I have always updated using Discs (I only ever download PAL games to prevent updating an NTSC upgrade and therefore bricking my wii.) That said when the Iplayer channel came out in update 4.2, I took the plunge and did an internet update. This worked fine and I used the shopping channel to add Internet channel (which is now free). After that I followed the 4.2 guide on this site to softmod without any problems. I now have I player USB loader (loading games from an 80 gb HD), Homebrew channel, NeoGamma7 and Google Earth etc all working fine. Please don't hold me responsible if you have any problems but it all worked fine for me. I may be wrong but I believe that Hard-mods are undetectable to Nintendo, as all it does is dissable the security D2c (or equivilent) chip. Or maybe I have just been lucky, now I've softmoded I will not be upgrading for a while, unless there is a game that I'm desperate for and there is no other way to get it to work. You will always hold your breath when upgrading, but from what I've read people with stock Wiis have been bricked before after an upgrade so it will never be risk free.


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