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Thread: Using a US Wii in Europe?

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    Question Using a US Wii in Europe?


    can I use a Wii, bought in America, in Europe (Germany)?

    - I know there is the voltage problem, but with a Mac for example it doesn`t matter how much ampere your socket has.

    - I know the Wii isn`t region-free, but can I counteract against it with a softmodded Wii? To be precisce can I play any PAL game on a NTSC console with a softmod?

    - I will have a TV bought in Germany will there be any problems with the connection (I mean will there be any problem because of the NTSC-PAL Problem.)

    - Are there any other things I have to consider?

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    please help me!!!

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    Yes you can but you need to buy a step down also why don't you just buy one in germany? I think it would be allot easier!

    You can run a softmod to play all the PAL games but you would need to scrub all of the ISO's as you might update the firmware to a E firmware as aposed to a U firmware this would brick the Wii.
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    thx for your reply sunny87!

    This sounds like quite the hustle. I could safe 70 by buying it in the US, but you are right I will buy one in Germany.

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    If you are lucky you might even have a multivoltage transformer like me which accepts the 110v/240v 50/60Hz voltage difference. You'd only then need to remove the silly USA power hookup and wire up a Euro one.

    Otherwise I'm sure you can find a transformer brick to work off the voltage supply and mains plug type in Germamy without issues. The Wii itself receives the same voltage from the transformer no matter where you live. Theoretically you could fudge together a generic transformer with sufficient current and solder it into the power connector.

    A softmodded Wii will be able to play NTSC/PAL from any region but be aware if you try any update of an out of region disc that is higher than your existing menu you will brick.
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